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LinqDataSourceSelectEventArgs.OrderByParameters Property


Gets the collection of parameters that is used to create the OrderBy clause.

 property System::Collections::Specialized::IOrderedDictionary ^ OrderByParameters { System::Collections::Specialized::IOrderedDictionary ^ get(); };
public System.Collections.Specialized.IOrderedDictionary OrderByParameters { get; }
member this.OrderByParameters : System.Collections.Specialized.IOrderedDictionary
Public ReadOnly Property OrderByParameters As IOrderedDictionary

Property Value

An object that contains the parameters for the OrderBy clause.


You use the OrderByParameters property to access parameters for the OrderBy clause in a handler for the Selecting event. You can modify the OrderBy clause by adding or removing parameters from this collection. By default, the OrderByParameters property of the LinqDataSourceSelectEventArgs object contains any parameters that you added to the OrderByParameters of the LinqDataSource control.

When the AutoGenerateOrderByClause property is set to true, parameters in the OrderByParameters collection do not have to be named. The data will be ordered based on the sequence of the parameters in the OrderByParameters collection.

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