ProviderOptions Enum


Contains values that specify the type of UI Automation provider.

This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class ProviderOptions
public enum ProviderOptions
type ProviderOptions = 
Public Enum ProviderOptions


ClientSideProvider 1

The UI Automation provider is a client-side provider.

NonClientAreaProvider 4

The UI Automation provider is a non-client-area provider.

OverrideProvider 8

The UI Automation provider overrides another provider.

ProviderOwnsSetFocus 16

The UI Automation provider handles its own focus, and does not want UI Automation to set focus to the nearest window on its behalf when SetFocus() is called. This option is typically used by providers for windows that appear to take focus without actually receiving Win32 focus, such as menus and drop-down menus.

ServerSideProvider 2

The UI Automation provider is a server-side provider.

UseComThreading 32

The UI Automation provider expects to be called according to COM threading rules. If the provider is in a Single-Threaded Apartment, it will be called only on the apartment thread. Only Server-side providers can use this option.

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