Control.OnNotifyMessage(Message) Method


Notifies the control of Windows messages.

 virtual void OnNotifyMessage(System::Windows::Forms::Message m);
protected virtual void OnNotifyMessage (System.Windows.Forms.Message m);
abstract member OnNotifyMessage : System.Windows.Forms.Message -> unit
override this.OnNotifyMessage : System.Windows.Forms.Message -> unit
Protected Overridable Sub OnNotifyMessage (m As Message)



A Message that represents the Windows message.


The OnNotifyMessage method is called if the control's EnableNotifyMessage style bit is set in ControlStyles. The EnableNotifyMessage style in ControlStyles enables the control to be notified when the WndProc method receives a Windows message. With this method, semi-trusted controls can listen for Windows messages without enabling them to modify the message.

Notes to Inheritors

When overriding OnNotifyMessage(Message) in a derived class, calling the base class's OnNotifyMessage(Message) method is not necessary because there is no initial implementation.

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