DataGridViewLinkCell.VisitedLinkColor Property


Gets or sets the color used to display a link that has been previously visited.

 property System::Drawing::Color VisitedLinkColor { System::Drawing::Color get(); void set(System::Drawing::Color value); };
public System.Drawing.Color VisitedLinkColor { get; set; }
member this.VisitedLinkColor : System.Drawing.Color with get, set
Public Property VisitedLinkColor As Color

Property Value


A Color that represents the color used to display a link that has been visited. The default value is the user's Internet Explorer setting for the visited link color.


The following code example demonstrates the use of the DataGridViewLinkColumn.VisitedLinkColor property, which is similar to this property. This example is part of a larger example available in the DataGridViewComboBoxColumn class overview topic.

    void AddLinkColumn()
        DataGridViewLinkColumn^ links = gcnew DataGridViewLinkColumn();

        links->UseColumnTextForLinkValue = true;
        links->HeaderText = ColumnName::ReportsTo.ToString();
        links->DataPropertyName = ColumnName::ReportsTo.ToString();
        links->ActiveLinkColor = Color::White;
        links->LinkBehavior = LinkBehavior::SystemDefault;
        links->LinkColor = Color::Blue;
        links->TrackVisitedState = true;
        links->VisitedLinkColor = Color::YellowGreen;

private void AddLinkColumn()
    DataGridViewLinkColumn links = new DataGridViewLinkColumn();

    links.UseColumnTextForLinkValue = true;
    links.HeaderText = ColumnName.ReportsTo.ToString();
    links.DataPropertyName = ColumnName.ReportsTo.ToString();
    links.ActiveLinkColor = Color.White;
    links.LinkBehavior = LinkBehavior.SystemDefault;
    links.LinkColor = Color.Blue;
    links.TrackVisitedState = true;
    links.VisitedLinkColor = Color.YellowGreen;

Private Sub AddLinkColumn()

    Dim links As New DataGridViewLinkColumn()
    With links
        .UseColumnTextForLinkValue = True
        .HeaderText = ColumnName.ReportsTo.ToString()
        .DataPropertyName = ColumnName.ReportsTo.ToString()
        .ActiveLinkColor = Color.White
        .LinkBehavior = LinkBehavior.SystemDefault
        .LinkColor = Color.Blue
        .TrackVisitedState = True
        .VisitedLinkColor = Color.YellowGreen
    End With
End Sub


Setting the VisitedLinkColor property of the owning column also sets the VisitedLinkColor property of every cell in the column and refreshes the column display. To override the specified value for individual cells, set the cell values after you set the column value.

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