SplitContainer.Panel2 Property


Gets the right or bottom panel of the SplitContainer, depending on Orientation.

 property System::Windows::Forms::SplitterPanel ^ Panel2 { System::Windows::Forms::SplitterPanel ^ get(); };
public System.Windows.Forms.SplitterPanel Panel2 { get; }
member this.Panel2 : System.Windows.Forms.SplitterPanel
Public ReadOnly Property Panel2 As SplitterPanel

Property Value


If Orientation is Vertical, the right panel of the SplitContainer. If Orientation is Horizontal, the bottom panel of the SplitContainer.


Use the Panel2 property to configure the right panel of a vertical SplitContainer or the bottom panel of a horizontal SplitContainer. For example, you can specify the minimum size of the panel by changing the value of the Panel2MinSize property, set the FixedPanel property to Panel2 so that the panel remains the same size when the container is resized, or you can get or set the panel's BackgroundImage and BackgroundImageLayout properties.

You cannot remove Panel2 from the SplitContainer.


If Panel1 or Panel2 contains no control that can receive the focus, the focus remains on the splitter when it is clicked. To change the focus to Panel1 or Panel2, set the TabIndex property of Panel2 to 0 and the TabIndex property of Panel1 to 1.

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