ToolStrip.Select(Boolean, Boolean) Method


Activates a child control. Optionally specifies the direction in the tab order to select the control from.

 override void Select(bool directed, bool forward);
protected override void Select (bool directed, bool forward);
override this.Select : bool * bool -> unit
Protected Overrides Sub Select (directed As Boolean, forward As Boolean)



true to specify the direction of the control to select; otherwise, false.


true to move forward in the tab order; false to move backward in the tab order.


The directed and forward parameters are used by container-style controls. When the directed parameter is set to true, the forward parameter is evaluated to determine which control to select. When forward is set to true, the next control in the tab order is selected; when false, the previous control in the tab order is selected.

The Select method activates the control if the control's ControlStyles.Selectable style bit is set to true, it is contained in another control, and all its parent controls are both visible and enabled.

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