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FrameworkContentElement.ToolTipClosing Event


Occurs just before any tooltip on the element is closed.

 event System::Windows::Controls::ToolTipEventHandler ^ ToolTipClosing;
public event System.Windows.Controls.ToolTipEventHandler ToolTipClosing;
member this.ToolTipClosing : System.Windows.Controls.ToolTipEventHandler 
Public Custom Event ToolTipClosing As ToolTipEventHandler 

Event Type


To suppress closing the tooltip, handlers of the event should mark it as handled.

This event cannot be an EventTrigger in a style. This is because the identifier field of this event re-uses an implementation from a service that does not expose add/remove methods on the event.

Routed Event Information

Identifier field ToolTipClosingEvent
Routing strategy Direct
Delegate ToolTipEventHandler

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