FrameworkPropertyMetadata.DefaultUpdateSourceTrigger Property


Gets or sets the default for UpdateSourceTrigger to use when bindings for the property with this metadata are applied, which have their UpdateSourceTrigger set to Default.

 property System::Windows::Data::UpdateSourceTrigger DefaultUpdateSourceTrigger { System::Windows::Data::UpdateSourceTrigger get(); void set(System::Windows::Data::UpdateSourceTrigger value); };
public System.Windows.Data.UpdateSourceTrigger DefaultUpdateSourceTrigger { get; set; }
member this.DefaultUpdateSourceTrigger : System.Windows.Data.UpdateSourceTrigger with get, set
Public Property DefaultUpdateSourceTrigger As UpdateSourceTrigger

Property Value

A value of the enumeration, other than Default.


This property is set to Default; the value you set is supposed to become the default when requested by bindings.

The metadata has already been applied to a dependency property operation, so that metadata is sealed and properties of the metadata cannot be set.


Properties on derived classes of PropertyMetadata are typically defined in the object model as read-write. This is so they can be adjusted after initialization of the instance. However, after the metadata is consumed as part of a call to Register, AddOwner, or OverrideMetadata, the property system will seal that metadata instance and properties that convey the specifics of the metadata are now considered immutable. Attempting to set this property after IsSealed is true on this metadata instance will raise an exception.

XAML Text Usage

Members of this class are not typically used in XAML.

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