DrawingAttributes.MinHeight Field


Specifies the smallest value allowed for the Height property.

public: static initonly double MinHeight;
public static readonly double MinHeight;
 staticval mutable MinHeight : double
Public Shared ReadOnly MinHeight As Double 

Field Value



The following example ensures the Height property of the DrawingAttributes is set to a legal value. This example assumes that there is an InkCanvas called inkCanvas1.

if (DAHeight < DrawingAttributes.MinHeight)
    DAHeight = DrawingAttributes.MinHeight;
else if (DAHeight > DrawingAttributes.MaxHeight)
    DAHeight = DrawingAttributes.MaxHeight;

inkCanvas1.DefaultDrawingAttributes.Height = DAHeight;
If DAHeight < DrawingAttributes.MinHeight Then

    DAHeight = DrawingAttributes.MinHeight

ElseIf DAHeight > DrawingAttributes.MaxHeight Then

    DAHeight = DrawingAttributes.MaxHeight

End If

inkCanvas1.DefaultDrawingAttributes.Height = DAHeight


Use the MinHeight field to check whether a value is within the limits allowed for the Height property. Do this when the value comes from an unknown source, such as unconstrained user input.

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