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LineBreakCondition Enum


Describes the breaking condition around an inline object.

public enum class LineBreakCondition
public enum LineBreakCondition
type LineBreakCondition = 
Public Enum LineBreakCondition


BreakAlways 3

Break is always allowed.

BreakDesired 0

Break if not prohibited by another object.

BreakPossible 1

Break if allowed by another object.

BreakRestrained 2

Break always prohibited unless the other object is set to BreakAlways.


This enumeration describes whether a break is permitted for an inline object. This break is affected by the LineBreakCondition of the inline object before it (if any). In the table below, the values across the top represent LineBreakCondition values for one inline object while the values on the left represent values of another inline object. A value of "True" or "False" is indicated depending on whether a line break is permitted between the two inline objects.

BreakDesired BreakPossible BreakRestrained BreakAlways
BreakDesired True True False True
BreakPossible True False False True
BreakRestrained False False False True
BreakAlways True True True True

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