ArrayExtension.ProvideValue(IServiceProvider) Method


Returns an array that is sized to the number of objects supplied in the Items values.

 override System::Object ^ ProvideValue(IServiceProvider ^ serviceProvider);
public override object ProvideValue (IServiceProvider serviceProvider);
override this.ProvideValue : IServiceProvider -> obj
Public Overrides Function ProvideValue (serviceProvider As IServiceProvider) As Object



An object that can provide services for the markup extension.



The created array, or null.


Processed an array that did not provide a valid Type.


There is a type mismatch between the declared Type of the array and one or more of its Items values.


This method supports markup extension behavior and is not typically called by user code, unless that user code implements XAML processing behavior.

A XAML processor implementation uses this method for proper handling of x:Array elements during object creation. This relies on general behavior for XAML processors when they process any MarkupExtension and call its ProvideValue implementation.

This implementation does not rely on any services based on the passed serviceProvider. However, it does rely on CLR concepts as transmitted by the extension's use while processing with the default XAML schema context for .NET Framework XAML Services.

For more information on markup extensions, see Markup Extensions for XAML Overview.

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