ClockController.SkipToFill Method


Advances the current time of the target Clock to the end of its active period.

 void SkipToFill();
public void SkipToFill ();
member this.SkipToFill : unit -> unit
Public Sub SkipToFill ()


This method advances the target clock's current time to the end of its active period; the clock's behavior at this point is specified by the FillBehavior setting of its Timeline. If the timeline's FillBehavior property is set to HoldEnd, the clock fills; if the property is set to Stop, the clock stops.

This method has an effect only if the target clock's CurrentState is Active.

This method has no effect on the timing tree until the next time a tick is processed. As a side-effect, the appropriate events also will not be raised until then.

Advancing a storyboard to its fill period triggers the CurrentGlobalSpeedInvalidated and CurrentStateInvalidated events.

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