NavigationService.Navigated Event


Occurs when the content that is being navigated to has been found, and is available from the Content property, although it may not have completed loading.

 event System::Windows::Navigation::NavigatedEventHandler ^ Navigated;
public event System.Windows.Navigation.NavigatedEventHandler Navigated;
member this.Navigated : System.Windows.Navigation.NavigatedEventHandler 
Public Custom Event Navigated As NavigatedEventHandler 

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The following example shows how to handle Navigated.

void NavigationService_Navigated(object sender, NavigationEventArgs e)
    string msg = string.Format("Downloading {0}.", e.Uri.OriginalString);
    this.progressStatusBarItem.Content = msg;
Private Sub NavigationService_Navigated(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As NavigationEventArgs)
    Dim msg As String = String.Format("Downloading {0}.", e.Uri.OriginalString)
    Me.progressStatusBarItem.Content = msg
End Sub


You handle Navigated if you need to discover pertinent information regarding the navigation request when downloading commences. This information is available from the NavigationEventArgs object that is passed to the Navigated event handler, and includes:

  • The source page. When Navigated is raised, at least part of the source page's user interface (UI) tree has been parsed, and attached to target content control.

  • The requested URI.

  • The navigator (NavigationWindow, Frame).

  • Additional data, if the navigation was initiated by calling either Navigate or Navigate.

  • Response details (using a WebResponse object).

Navigated is not raised when the source page could not be found or loaded, in which case NavigationFailed is raised.


When NavigationService raises NavigationFailed, it also raises Application.NavigationFailed event on the Application object.

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