RoutedEvent.RoutingStrategy Property


Gets the routing strategy of the routed event.

 property System::Windows::RoutingStrategy RoutingStrategy { System::Windows::RoutingStrategy get(); };
public System.Windows.RoutingStrategy RoutingStrategy { get; }
member this.RoutingStrategy : System.Windows.RoutingStrategy
Public ReadOnly Property RoutingStrategy As RoutingStrategy

Property Value


One of the enumeration values. The default is the enumeration default, Bubble.


By convention, tunneling routed events have the name prefix "Preview" and an associated bubbling event defined. It should be rare that there would be only a tunneling version and not a matching bubbling version. For more information, see How to: Create a Custom Routed Event.

The value of this property originates from the RegisterRoutedEvent method that defines a RoutedEvent. Specifically, the value of RoutingStrategy is the routingStrategy parameter value that was passed to RegisterRoutedEvent.

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