XmlNode.ParentNode Property


Gets the parent of this node (for nodes that can have parents).

 virtual property System::Xml::XmlNode ^ ParentNode { System::Xml::XmlNode ^ get(); };
public virtual System.Xml.XmlNode ParentNode { get; }
public virtual System.Xml.XmlNode? ParentNode { get; }
member this.ParentNode : System.Xml.XmlNode
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property ParentNode As XmlNode

Property Value


The XmlNode that is the parent of the current node. If a node has just been created and not yet added to the tree, or if it has been removed from the tree, the parent is null. For all other nodes, the value returned depends on the NodeType of the node. The following table describes the possible return values for the ParentNode property.

NodeType Return Value of ParentNode
Attribute, Document, DocumentFragment, Entity, Notation Returns null; these nodes do not have parents.
CDATA Returns the element or entity reference containing the CDATA section.
Comment Returns the element, entity reference, document type, or document containing the comment.
DocumentType Returns the document node.
Element Returns the parent node of the element. If the element is the root node in the tree, the parent is the document node.
EntityReference Returns the element, attribute, or entity reference containing the entity reference.
ProcessingInstruction Returns the document, element, document type, or entity reference containing the processing instruction.
Text Returns the parent element, attribute, or entity reference containing the text node.


For information about parent and child nodes, see the W3C DOM (Core) Level 1 specification

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