WCErrorCode Enum


Enumerates error codes relating to watch connectivity.

public enum WCErrorCode
type WCErrorCode = 


DeliveryFailed 7014

Indicates that the payload was not delivered.

DeviceNotPaired 7005

Indicates that no device was paired.

FileAccessDenied 7013

File transfer failed due to permissions.

GenericError 7001

The exact error is unknown.

InsufficientSpace 7015

Indicates that the receiver did not have enough storage to receive the payload.

InvalidParameter 7008

A bad argument was passed.

MessageReplyFailed 7011

The reply could not be returned.

MessageReplyTimedOut 7012

The companion app did not return a reply within the allowed time.

NotReachable 7007

The companion app is not available.

PayloadTooLarge 7009

The data was too large to transfer.

PayloadUnsupportedTypes 7010

Transferred dictionaries may only contain property-list types.

SessionInactive 7016

Indicates taht the session was not active.

SessionMissingDelegate 7003

There is no active extension delegate for the WCSession.

SessionNotActivated 7004

The companion app has not activated a WCSession.

SessionNotSupported 7002

The device does not support WCSession objects.

TransferTimedOut 7017

Indicates that the transfer timed out.

WatchAppNotInstalled 7006

The app is not installed on the user's paired Apple Watch.

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