ScrollToRequest property renamed

The ScrollToRequest.HoriztonalOffset property has been renamed to HorizontalOffset.

Version introduced

.NET 7

Previous behavior

The property name was misspelled.

New behavior

The property name and a corresponding constructor parameter name have been changed to correct a typo.

Type of breaking change

This change can affect binary compatibility and source compatibility.

Reason for change

There was a typo in the property name. Renaming a C# record requires a fair amount of work and this API is both new and rarely used by developers.

If you don't have a custom command mapper for RequestScrollTo in the Microsoft.Maui.Handlers.ScrollViewHandler handler, then no action is needed. Otherwise, update your code to use the new spelling.

Affected APIs

  • Microsoft.Maui.ScrollToRequest.HorizontalOffset property
  • ScrollToRequest(double,double,bool) constructor