How to: Use FlowDocument Column-Separating Attributes

This example shows how to use the column-separating features of a FlowDocument.


The following example defines a FlowDocument, and sets the ColumnGap, ColumnRuleBrush, and ColumnRuleWidth attributes. The FlowDocument contains a single paragraph of sample content.

    <Paragraph  Background="AntiqueWhite" TextAlignment="Left">
      This paragraph has the background set to antique white to make its
      boundaries obvious.

      The column gap is the space between columns; this FlowDocument will
      have a column gap of 20 device-independend pixels.  The column rule
      is a vertical line drawn in the column gap, and is used to visually
      separate columns; this FlowDocument a Dodger-blue column rule that
      is 5 pixels wide.

      The column rule and column gap both take space between columns.  In
      this case, a column gap width of 20 plus a column rule of width of 5
      results in the space between columns being 25 pixels wide, 5 pixels
      for the column rule, and 10 pixels of column gap on either side of the column rule.

The following figure shows the effects of the ColumnGap, ColumnRuleBrush, and ColumnRuleWidth attributes in a rendered FlowDocument.

Screenshot that shows the FlowDocument Intra Column attribute.