Windows Communication Foundation Bindings

Bindings specify how a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service endpoint communicates with other endpoints. At its most basic, a binding must specify the transport (for example, HTTP or TCP) to use. You can also set other characteristics, such as security and transaction support, through bindings.

In This Section

WCF Bindings Overview
Overview of what WCF bindings do, what bindings the system provides, and how you can define or modify them.

System-Provided Bindings
A list of bindings included with WCF. These bindings cover the majority of security and message pattern requirements.

Using Bindings to Configure Services and Clients
A WCF binding contains important information that clients must use to connect to service endpoints.

Configuring Bindings for Services
Configuration enables administrators and installers to customize the bindings for service endpoints.



Endpoints: Addresses, Bindings, and Contracts


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