216 - MessageSentByTransport


Property Value
ID 216
Keywords Troubleshooting, ServiceModel
Level Information
Channel Microsoft-Windows-Application Server-Applications/Analytic


This event occurs when a TCP-based transport sends a message. Note that at the transport level multiple messages can be exchanged between clients and services for a single operation. This may be due to infrastructure behavior, security being a good example. Therefore, the number of MessageSentByTransport events that are emitted vary based on your service's binding and its configuration.


The transport sent a message to '%1'.


Data Item Name Data Item Type Description
DestinationAddress xs:string The address that the request message was sent to.
HostReference xs:string For Web-hosted services, this field uniquely identifies the service in the Web hierarchy. Its format is defined as 'Web Site Name Application Virtual Path|Service Virtual Path|ServiceName'. Example: 'Default Web Site/CalculatorApplication|/CalculatorService.svc|CalculatorService'.
AppDomain xs:string The string returned by AppDomain.CurrentDomain.FriendlyName.