Resources for learning .NET MAUI

There are many different resources available for you to use to learn .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI). There are Microsoft Learn modules, workshops, videos, and podcasts. Each varies in its depth and the topics it covers.

  • Build mobile and desktop apps with .NET MAUI

    Learn how to use .NET MAUI to build apps that run on mobile devices and the desktop using C# and Visual Studio. You'll learn the fundamentals of building an app with .NET MAUI and more advanced topics such as local data storage and invoking REST-based web services.

  • .NET MAUI for beginners

    Follow a short video series that teaches you how to get started with .NET MAUI and Visual Studio, to build your very first cross-platform desktop and mobile app.

  • .NET MAUI workshop

    Learn how to build a .NET MAUI app that displays a list of monkeys from around the world. You'll start by building the business logic backend that retrieves JSON-encoded data from a REST-based endpoint. You then use .NET MAUI to find the closest monkey to you, and show the monkey on a map. You'll also examine how to display data using different approaches, and then finally fully theme the app.

  • Enterprise application patterns using .NET MAUI

    This book provides real world solutions for addressing challenges faced when building an enterprise app using .NET MAUI. The book covers topics such as:

    • Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern
    • Dependency injection
    • Navigation
    • Configuration
    • Loose-coupling of components
    • Additional enterprise concerns

    The content of this book is helpful for anyone looking to build a new app or looking to solve the problems of apps that evolve over time.

  • .NET MAUI samples

    Download and explore the code of different example .NET MAUI apps.

  • .NET MAUI podcast

    Keep up with the latest news in the world of mobile and desktop development with the official .NET MAUI podcast.