List of options classes

All options classes used to configure Orleans are found in the Orleans.Configuration namespace. Many of them have helper methods in the Orleans.Hosting namespace.

Common core options for IClientBuilder and ISiloHostBuilder

Option type Used for
ClusterOptions Setting the ClusterId and the ServiceId
NetworkingOptions Setting timeout values for sockets and opened connections
SerializationProviderOptions` Setting the serialization providers
TypeManagementOptions Setting the refresh period of the Type Map (see Heterogeneous silos and Versioning)

IClientBuilder specific options

Option type Used for
ClientMessagingOptions Setting the number of connections to keep open, and specify what network interface to use
StatisticsOptions Settings related to statistics output
GatewayOptions Setting the refresh period of the list of available gateways
StaticGatewayListProviderOptions Setting URIs a client will use to connect to cluster

ISiloHostBuilder specific options

Option type Used for
ClusterMembershipOptions Settings for cluster membership
ConsistentRingOptions Configuration options for consistent hashing algorithm, used to balance resource allocations across the cluster.
EndpointOptions Setting the Silo endpoint options
GrainCollectionOptions Options for grain garbage collection
GrainVersioningOptions Governs grain implementation selection in heterogeneous deployments
LoadSheddingOptions Settings for load shedding configuration. Must have a registered implementation of IHostEnvironmentStatistics such as through ClientBuilderExtensions.UsePerfCounterEnvironmentStatistics or SiloHostBuilderExtensions.UsePerfCounterEnvironmentStatistics (Windows only) for LoadShedding to function.
MultiClusterOptions Options for configuring multi-cluster support
PerformanceTuningOptions Performance tuning options (networking, number of threads)
ProcessExitHandlingOptions Configure silo behavior on process exit
SchedulingOptions Configuring scheduler behavior
SiloMessagingOptions Configuring global messaging options that are silo related.
SiloOptions Setting the name of the Silo
StatisticsOptions Setting related to statistics output
TelemetryOptions Setting telemetry consumer settings