Deploying and Managing Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 includes the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Provisioning Tools for Microsoft Azure that enable you to deploy a Dynamics NAV environment on Microsoft Azure virtual machines. You can also use the provisioning tools to deploy Dynamics NAV on other cloud services and on-premise installations.

About Cloud Services

Cloud service refers to a service that is provided over a network, such as the Internet. The service hosts the relevant software applications and databases, in this case Dynamics NAV, to which users are given access. The cloud provider manages the infrastructure that runs the software applications.

About the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Provisioning Tools for Microsoft Azure

The provisioning tools automate the deployment of Dynamics NAV on virtual machines. They are designed to fully automate the deployment on Azure. However, with slight modifications, you can use the provisioning tools for deploying on any virtual machine that is on premise or on the cloud. The provisioning tools include a set of Windows PowerShell cmdlets and scripts that install and configure Dynamics NAV components, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Server components, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server, and SQL database components.

The provisioning tools include two end-to-end example scripts, Example-1VM.ps1 and Example-2VM.ps1, which deploy a fully functional Dynamics NAV environment on different network topologies. Example-1VM deploys the Dynamics NAV components on a single virtual machine. Example-2VM deploys Dynamics NAV on two virtual machines, where Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Server components and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server are installed on one machine and SQL Server is on the other machine. The scripts illustrate the operations that are required for full deployment of Dynamics NAV and can be modified to match the specific requirements for your installation.

Dynamics NAV Clients

After the deployment using the provisioning tools is completed, users can access Dynamics NAV from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client or the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client from a computer that has a network connection.

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