EnableExternalAssemblies Property

Sets whether external Microsoft .NET assemblies can be used on a report.

Applies To

Client report definition (RDLC) report layouts

Property Value

Yes if external assemblies can be used; otherwise, No. The default is No.


When you use the Visual Studio Report Designer for creating reports for the RoleTailored client, you can reference external assemblies to add functionality to a report. The location of the assembly must be accessible from the RoleTailored client. To use external assemblies on a report, the EnableExternalAssemblies property must be set to Yes.

For more information about referencing assemblies, see Adding Custom Code to a Report (Visual Studio Report Designer).

Security Considerations

Dynamics NAV cannot verify assemblies and protect against malicious sources that may be harmful to your computer. You should set the EnableExternalAssemblies property to Yes only if you can ensure that assemblies on the report come from a trusted source.

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