Error Codes

The following table lists the error codes for the various exceptions in the web service response for ODataV4.

Error code categorization

The error codes in the table below can be divided into the following categories and described as follows:

Category Description Resolution
BadRequest_* Will typically be an error in the forming of the request or an error accessing the service. Resolve the bug in the forming of the request.
Authentication_* An error authenticating to the service. Attempt to use different credentials.
Authorization_* The authenticated identity does not have the correct permissions. Attempt operation using different credentials.
Internal_* Typically this is an internal error in the application on the server or data integrity issue. For example, the Dynamics NAV instance cannot communicate with the SQL Server. Attempt the operation again. Resolve data issues.
Application_* Typically an application logic error. Request is made again with updated data.

Error codes

Exception Type Error Message Error Code
ODataArgumentException An incompatible property definition
already exists for 'Allowed_Companies_0.Name'
ODataNotFoundException Bad Request - Error in query syntax BadRequest_NotFound
ODataNotFoundException Expression expected at position 153 in '(AAMkAGY2ZTQwODIwLTNkOWYtN
ODataNotFoundException '|' or ',' expected at position 3 in (GUID) BadRequest_NotFound
ODataResourceNotFoundException Resource not found for the segment 'OfficeAppResourceRegistrations'
multiple segment errors (Company, v1.0, nativeInvoicingSalesInvoices,metadata,
nativeInvoicingItems, companies,company etc.)
ODataInvalidOperationException Control 'Last Date Modified' is read-only BadRequest_InvalidOperation
ODataBadRequestException Invalid Request Body BadRequest
ODataBadRequestException Unable to convert value to Date BadRequest
ODataBadRequestInvalidTokenException Could not validate the client concurrency token required by the service.
Please provide a valid token in the client request.
ODataBadRequestNullFieldException Field 'taxable' must not be blank or empty. BadRequest_RequiredParamNotProvided
ODataConflictException Another user has already changed the record. Request_EntityChanged
ODataMethodNotAllowedException 'POST' requests for 'companies' of EdmType 'Entity'
are not allowed within Microsoft Dynamics NAV OData web services.
ODataNotImplementedException Entity does not support bound actions BadRequest_MethodNotImplemented
NavCSideDataException There is no Cust. Ledger Entry within the filter. Internal_DataNotFoundFilter
NavCSideRecordNotFoundException The Acc. Sched. KPI Web srv. Setup does not exist.
Identification fields and values: Primary Key=''
NavCSideValidateTableRelationException The field Account No. of table Gen. Journal Line contains a value (ABL001)
that cannot be found in the related table (Vendor).
NavCSideException Cannot establish a connection to the SQL Server/Database.  Internal_ServerError
NavCSideDuplicateKeyException The Attachment Entity Buffer already exists.
Identification fields and values: Document Id=
NavCompanyNotFoundException Cannot process the request because the default company cannot be found.
You can specify a default company in the service configuration file,
or specify one for each tenant, or you can add a query string in the form of "company=[name]".
You can see the available companies by accessing the default OData web service, Company.
For more information, see "OData Web Services" in Help
NavTenantNotAccessibleException The tenant 'msca1a7355t05263373' is not accessible Internal_TenantUnavailable
NavNCLDialogException You cannot delete Item 1000 because there is at least one
outstanding Sales Quote that includes this item.
NavNCLDialogException A customerNumber or a customerID must be provided. Application_DialogException
NavNCLDialogException You may not enter numbers manually. If you want to enter numbers manually,
please activate Manual Nos. in No. Series FA.
NavNCLDialogException You are not allowed to apply and post an entry to an entry
with an earlier posting date.
NavNCLDialogException The "amount" should be a negative number. Application_DialogException
NavNCLEvaluateException The value "Depreciation" cannot be evaluated into type Option. Application_EvaluateException
NavNCLStringLengthExceededException The length of the string is 57, but it must be less than or
equal to 50 characters. Value: JACKSBORO PUMP & SPECIALTY
NavNCLInvalidGuidFormatException Invalid format of GUID string. The correct format of the GUID
string is: CDEF7890-ABCD-0123-1234-567890ABCDEF where
0-9, A-F symbolizes hexadecimal digits.
NavNCLCallbackNotAllowedException Microsoft Sync 365 for fin Data services attempted to issue a client callback
to show a confirmation dialog box. We found an item with the description
NavFilterException The filter "='SELLACRE24_W%2FOORINGS'" is not valid for the No. field
on the Item table. The length of the string is 22, but it must be less than or equal to 20 characters.
NavTestFieldException Balance must be equal to '0' in G/L Account: No.=10100.
Current value is '1,638.4'. Customer Posting Group must have a value
in Customer: No.=C00690. It cannot be zero or empty.
NavTestFieldException Customer Posting Group must have a value in Customer:
No.=C00690. It cannot be zero or empty.
NavInvalidCredentialException The server has rejected the client credentials Authenciation_InvalidCredentials
Any Any Unknown

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