Contextual email communication


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End users by admins, makers, or analysts This feature is released. Oct 1, 2019 - To be announced

Business value

A top request by customers.

Because Microsoft provides several integrations of Dynamics 365 Sales with Outlook, we have relied on lightweight email editor experiences for many years. Email is a central component every day in the life of salespeople, who are in constant contact with their leads and stakeholders. When composing emails, sales teams frequently refer to data displayed on a page and they don't want to navigate away from it. By overlaying an email composition screen on top of the existing form, sellers will be able to compose an email without having to navigate away from the screen they are on. This allows them to compose more thoughtful emails to their customers and improve the quality of engagement.

Feature details

With a rich text editor and a pop-up, non-blocking window, composing email has never been better in Dynamics 365 Sales. Salespeople will be able to write email with context of the record they are working on, navigate between records, have multiple active draft emails open simultaneously, preview the content before sending, add attachments, and use email templates to optimize commonly used tasks. The email opening up in a non-blocking window gives salespeople all the relevant content at a glance while they compose their email to the customer.


This feature is available in the Unified Interface only. This capability is intended only for Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise

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