Improve and adjust forecast accuracy


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End users by admins, makers, or analysts - - This feature is released. Feb 3, 2020

Business value

Although bottom-up forecasting is based on existing opportunity data, sales managers know that in certain cases their experience requires subjective judgment. Sellers might not have the expertise required to accurately predict the confidence or the value of a deal. This might lead some sellers to hide ongoing deals until the period comes to an end, to increase their chance of exceeding quota.

To ensure sales managers can provide leadership with meaningful forecast numbers that they trust, forecasting offers great flexibility. Sales managers are empowered to adjust any of the enabled forecast values.

Feature details

  • Adjust forecasts seamlessly: Easily make adjustments to any forecasted values that are propagated based on existing forecast or organizational hierarchy, including deleting adjustments or reverting back to an older adjustment.
  • Gain deeper understanding with forecast adjustments: Identify the underlying records that contribute to changes and capture reasons to analyze the history of adjustments.


This feature is available in the Unified Interface only. This capability is intended only for Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise.

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