Configurable business documents reporting in Word and Excel


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
End users by admins, makers, or analysts This feature is released. Aug 5, 2019 This feature is released. Oct 1, 2019

Business value

One of the top pain points reported by customers is the absence of a business user experience to customize printable business documents. By using Microsoft Office-based templates, we provide customers with predefined documents in the most familiar tools available in the market to customize business documents. This also opens the door to create a marketplace around standard and regulatory business documents that are tailored for specific industries or regions not covered by Finance and Operations apps.

Feature details

This functionality delivers well-designed Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel template capabilities in phases.

Account Receivable (General availability - October 2019):

  • Collections letter note
  • Customer account statement
  • Customer invoice
  • Interest note
  • Payment advice
  • Sales advance invoice
  • Sales agreement confirmation
  • Sales order confirmation
  • Sales order packing slip
  • Sales quotation
  • Sales quotation confirmation

Account Payable (General availability - October 2019):

  • Payment advice
  • Purchase advance invoice
  • Purchase agreement confirmation
  • Purchase order
  • Purchase order packing slip
  • Purchase order purchase inquiry
  • Purchase order receipts list
  • Request for quotation
  • Request for quotation - accept
  • Request for quotation - reject
  • Request for quotation - return
  • Vendor invoice

Project (General availability - November 2019):

  • Project invoice with billing rules
  • Project quotation
  • User-defined project invoice

Warehouse (General availability - November 2019):

  • Shipping pick list
  • Picking list
  • Load list
  • Container contents

Inventory (General availability - November 2019):

  • Picking list (order)

Transportation management (General availability - November 2019):

  • Commercial invoice
  • Certification of origin
  • Route
  • Load tender

Project (General availability - December 2019):

  • Customer retention release

Warehouse (General availability - December 2019):

  • Production pick list
  • Bill of lading

Business user experience for document customization and routing:

  • Changing the document layout
  • Adding/removing fields in the document
  • Simple routing

Consultant (power user) experience for more complex document customizations and routing:

  • Extending Data Model
  • Complex formulas
  • Complex routing
  • Document lifecycle management, versioning (including rebase of new configurations from Microsoft and ISVs)

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