Conversation intelligence


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Talking directly with customers is an important part of any sales cycle. While many organizations have already amassed large volumes of conversational data, most are not deriving any value from these interactions, despite the tremendous potential. In today’s resource-constrained environment, extracting value from existing data is vital for profitable growth. By leveraging Microsoft’s recent advancements in AI and natural language processing, conversation intelligence automatically extracts these insights to help close deals faster and to identify new opportunities.

By automatically transcribing calls and analyzing content, sentiment, and behavioral style, conversation intelligence provides meaningful insights. Sellers can effectively guide buyers toward a purchase using proven conversation techniques. Managers can make better strategic decisions for new sales motion or sales training by identifying new market trends. By understanding unique behaviors of top sellers, managers can bring those learnings to the rest of the team to lift the team performance.

In the 2020 release wave 1, we bring call summary and action item extraction right within Dynamics 365 Sales to help sellers save precious time after every customer call. We are also introducing new AI models that detect emotions and high-level topics discussed during customer conversations.

Conversation intelligence is relevant to everyone on the team:

  • Sellers need a simple way to keep track of conversations and ensure they follow best practices to make the most out of every conversation.
  • Managers need to keep track of team performance in real time, so top sellers are reinforced, successful behaviors propagated, and potential gaps immediately addressed to meet sales quotas effectively and to ensure customer satisfaction.