Look up events and insert event subscriber in code


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Admins, makers, or analysts, automatically This feature is released. Feb 1, 2020 This feature is released. Apr 2, 2020

Business value

A core part of extension-based "customization" is the use of events and event subscribers.

To identify an event and generate an event subscriber code template, we added the Event Recorder in the client some time ago, allowing recording and inspecting of thrown events; however, in many cases, developers are either aware of the event they want to subscribe to or want to have a fast way to search for the event (with type ahead/completion) and then insert event subscriber in code context.

Feature details

Use the new Shift+Alt+E shortcut in the AL code editor to invoke a list of all events.

Look up events with Shift+Alt+E

You can use type ahead to dynamically search and filter the event list.

Type in event list to filter content

When pressing Enter to select an event entry, an event subscriber for the event will be inserted at the cursor position in the active AL code editor window.

Choose event in list to insert subscriber for event at cursor position

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