Line reservation enhancements for the batch number reservation form


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
End users by admins, makers, or analysts This feature is released. Apr 17, 2020 This feature is released. May 26, 2020

Feature details

This feature adds a new Reserve lines button to the Batch reservation page. It lets users reserve specific batch numbers for any number of selected lines all at once. This new button replaces the Reserve line button when you are working with items that are enabled for the warehouse management process.

Use the Batch reservation page to reserve batch numbers for items associated with a storage dimension group that has Use warehouse management processes enabled. It lets you reserve specific batch numbers by using a reservation hierarchy with the batch number inventory dimension defined above the location dimension. If you also need to reserve specific batch numbers when having the batch number dimension defined as below the location dimension, you must also enable the Flexible warehouse-level dimension reservation feature.

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