Intelligent budget proposal


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Business value

Organizations spend a large amount of time and resources preparing their budgets, much of which is a repetitive low-value-added effort. Additional work is needed to prepare line-by-line budgets for each department. Intelligent budget proposal makes it easy to gather historical data from actuals or budgets to use for budgeting within Dynamics 365 Finance. The feature uses that data to generate a new budget that can be further refined by staff who possess knowledge and insights that might not be present in historical data.

Feature details

The intelligent budget proposal feature lets you create a draft budget automatically, but with a high degree of confidence, from the use of historical data. The feature must be turned on in the Feature management workspace. The more years of budget data that you can provide to the system to generate budget proposals, the more accurate the proposals can be. Including three to five years of historical data at minimum can help ensure the accuracy of the proposals that are generated.

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