Appointments data included in resource scheduling


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Business value

With this feature, Microsoft Dataverse appointments are included directly in resource scheduling, so there is no longer any need to have bookings automatically created for appointments, and to face the issue of changes in one not reflecting in the other.

Note that Dataverse appointments might include manually tracked Outlook appointments through existing Microsoft Power Platform server-side synchronization functionality. Currently, Outlook availability information is not considered in scheduling, which means that schedulers have to switch between two separate tools (Outlook and Dynamics 365) to get a complete view of availability. It also increases the risk of scheduling errors, and time lost in rescheduling avoidable mistakes. Including Outlook data in resource scheduling increases schedulers’ productivity and reduces avoidable scheduling errors. Outlook data will need to be manually tracked to Dynamics 365 first so it appears in the Dataverse appointment record.

Feature details

With this feature, resource scheduling operations take the Microsoft Dataverse appointments in conjunction with bookings to provide availability during the scheduling process. This includes the new schedule board view to reflect the appointments in addition to bookings.

Outlook appointments must be manually tracked to Dynamics 365 first so they appear in the Dataverse appointment record.

Appointments will show in read-only mode on the new schedule board. Scheduling operations will consider appointments as location-agnostic.

Appointments data included in resource scheduling

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