Deduction and catch-weight enhancements for rebate management


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Business value

Keeping track of rebate and royalty programs and calculating them accurately can quickly become time consuming and tedious without the right tools. In addition to a central place to manage rebate agreements, this feature provides organizations with a central place to view and process rebates. It helps to increase customer satisfaction by allowing customers to choose to receive a deduction right away, rather than waiting for a rebate payout. In addition, this feature enables businesses working with catch-weight products to incorporate catch-weight units into rebate calculations.

Feature details

This feature enhances the Rebate management module for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. It adds a central rebate workbench to help streamline rebate processing, and it integrates with the deduction workbench to let you process rebates as customer deductions. For catch-weight items, the feature also lets you set up rebate conditions based on the catch-weight unit.

This feature helps streamline the rebate process by adding the following elements to Supply Chain Management:

  • A new rebate workbench: The workbench lets you view and process all provisions, rebates, and write-off transactions in a central place, rather than requiring you to open each rebate program separately. From the rebate workbench, you can quickly access all provisions and rebate claims, and process or purge the transactions.

  • New Procurement category: This new category, which has a payment type of Pay using account payable, is added to the rebate management posting profile. You can use this category to create the target vendor invoice journal.

  • Rebate management details for sales and purchase order lines: These new details enable you to view eligible rebates during the order entry process.

  • Deduction workbench enhancements: This feature adds support for short payment scenarios by enabling users to transform rebates into a deduction.

The feature also provides rebate management support for catch-weight items by letting you specify a unit type of either Inventory unit or Catch weight for each rebate deal. The unit quantity can be based on a different unit type.

Please note the feature is available from 10.0.21

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