Gain a wealth of new actions from a journey by raising triggers from journey steps to run another journey or Power Automate flow


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Business value

Because every business is unique, you may need to define custom processes to enhance your journeys. You might have more than one journey that logically functions together. For instance, you may have a loan application that requires an exception approval and you need to keep the customer informed about the approval through a separate journey that runs parallel to the main one. Now, you can easily enable these scenarios by raising a custom event trigger from any point in the journey.

Feature details

  • Raise a custom event trigger at any point in the customer journey and use profile data about the customer or prior events to set the attributes for the event trigger.
  • Any journey or Power Automate flows connected to the custom event will be triggered immediately when a customer reaches the tile. This includes event triggers used in exit criteria, goals, and if/then branches for journeys.
  • Logically connect two or more journeys together using custom event triggers. For instance, when a welcome journey for a new customer ends, add them to the ongoing nurture journey.
  • Create modular customer journeys or Power Automate flows that perform a specialized task and can be called from various points in a bigger journey. For instance, a loan application journey could have various points that require an exception approval. By creating a separate customer journey or Power Automate Flow for loan exception approval, you can trigger it from various points in the loan application journeys where exceptions can occur.


This feature is only available in real-time marketing; it does not affect outbound marketing functionality.

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