Modern administration experience for Omnichannel voice (number management)


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Business value

Typically, customer service organizations must manually integrate standalone telephony and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, which results in fragmented experiences and error-prone data integration. Administrators need to manage resources and phone numbers in the telephony provider’s app and manually bring over this information to the CRM solution. Very often, this setup process requires collaboration between business and IT administrators, adding delay to an already lengthy process.

With the availability of Azure Communication Services, Omnichannel for Customer Service now offers a native voice channel. This all-in-one solution empowers business administrators to independently deploy a telephony resource and acquire phone numbers in a few steps, offering a fast and consistent experience.

Feature details

Until now, administrators created resources and managed phone numbers in a separate telephony application and then manually deployed the numbers in the CRM solution. The long and fragmented process is inconsistent and requires continuous maintenance to keep both applications in sync.

With the native voice channel, business administrators can deploy the telephony resource and acquire phone numbers without leaving the Omnichannel admin center app.

The key highlights of this feature include:

  • Telephony resource deployment using connection string or sign-in to the Azure account.
  • Acquisition of phone numbers of various types and plans.
  • Release of phone numbers.

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