Job queue entries are more resilient toward failures


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users, automatically Oct 1, 2021 Oct 1, 2021

Business value

Users can schedule a job to run later and be sure that it will be run by Business Central.

If the job has an error, users will be notified about the error in telemetry, so they can take an action.

Feature details

A job queue task can be interrupted for many reasons, like a per-tenant extension upgrade, SQL connection instabilities, external service timeout, locks, and so on.

Before, when an exception occurred running a job queue entry, the failure codeunit would run immediately in the same session. But in some cases, this session could be unusable, so the failure codeunit couldn't run.

In this release, we have added the following features:

  • New exception logic handling for the task scheduler/job queue.
  • A failure code unit runs immediately in a different session. If it fails and the exception is retriable, it's scheduled to run again later. It will continue to be rerun until it succeeds or it reaches the maximum number of attempts allowed.
  • Job queue uses the new task scheduler implementation.

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