Refreshed peek experience on related records


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Users, automatically Sep 1, 2021 Oct 1, 2021

Business value

Access to essential information is key for every information worker and decision maker. With this change, you get a nice peek preview of a related record.

Feature details

The peek preview of a related record has been refreshed to use a less disruptive dotted underline indicator and a new layout taken from the tiles definition.

New peek user experience in Business Central.

When you open the peek preview of a record that has its own card page, you can open the card page by selecting the linked record name (in the example above, the link is on the customer name). You can also use the keyboard to navigate around and use the Enter key to open both the peek preview and the card page.


If a given record doesn't have a card page associated with it, you'll be given just the simple peek preview with a way to see all available details of the record at a glance.

This feature is based on the TableRelation property and the tiles definition. It also builds on top of the previous released feature as described in Show and go to related records from a list.

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