Support alternative units of measure in warehouse documents for items that are tracked by serial numbers


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users, automatically Sep 1, 2021 Oct 1, 2021

Business value

Alternative units of measures for inventory pick and inventory put-away are now supported for items with serial number tracking.

Feature details

In this release we're connecting the dots between the features for tracking items, assigning alternative units of measure, and basic warehouse management so that they support inventory picks and inventory put-ways for items that are tracked by their serial numbers. The following scenario illustrates the new capability:

  1. Create an Item Tracking Code and enable both SN Specific Tracking and SN Warehouse Specific Tracking. For more information, see Track Items with Serial, Lot, and Package Numbers.
  2. Create a new item and assign the item tracking code to it. Also create an alternative unit of measure for the item. For more information, see To set up multiple item units of measure.
  3. Create and release purchase order for location that requires put-away.
  4. Create inventory put-away.

Business Central creates inventory put-aways and automatically splits the line from the purchase order into multiple lines so that a warehouse employee can enter serial numbers for the items. Business Central will also split source documents when creating the pick. In previous versions, these scenarios worked only for base units of measure.

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