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Planning Optimization is a game changer that enables businesses to increase their agility and enables them to respond to volatile business environments. Near real-time tactical planning, with runtimes in minutes instead of hours, lets businesses update their tactical plans several times a day. This reduces replenishment time, reduces inventory levels, and increases resilience in response to disruptive changes in supply and demand.

For manufacturing customers, this release wave delivers a significantly expanded industry footprint for Planning Optimization, which provides the following benefits:

  • Order takers have order-promising information right at their fingertips, even for complex, custom, make-to-order products. End-to-end, finite-capacity planning respects internal factory constraints and helps to manage external subcontractors.
  • Manufacturers and retailers having products with limited shelf life can optimize their supply planning.

Customers looking to implement demand-driven planning practices to reduce inventory levels and improve customer service will also benefit from the addition of full Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) support, as defined by the Demand Driven Institute. This builds on the priority-based planning capabilities introduced in the previous release wave.