Planning Optimization suggestions to optimize existing supply


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Business value

Get help optimizing existing supply orders by receiving system-generated suggestions created based on requirement changes.

Feature details

Action messages with suggestions to optimize existing supply are created when the system detects existing supply orders that can be optimized due to recent requirement changes. This is critical to ensure that the planned supply matches the current requirements. For example, if a significant customer order is canceled, you will be notified that the related supply is no longer needed and, if possible, you should try to cancel it. Action messages can also suggest that you modify the date or quantity on existing supply orders in response to recent requirement changes.

A flexible setup allows you to control the action messages generated by Planning Optimization. You can apply the suggested change directly from an action message.

These enhancements add to the capabilities of Planning Optimization. Planning Optimization facilitates high performance planning without slowing down the rest of the system.

Planning Optimization benefits

With Planning Optimization, companies can benefit from:

  • Significantly improved performance and scalability with in-memory processing.
  • Minimized system impact on other processes made possible by running master planning as a separate service.
  • Near real-time insights into requirement changes, achieved by running master planning several times daily during office hours.

Learn more about Planning Optimization

For more information about the Planning Optimization migration process and answers to frequently asked questions, see Migration to Planning Optimization for master planning.

Action messages shown in the Action graph.

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