Quickly personalize emails using predefined dynamic text without needing to know the underlying data structure


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Feb 1, 2022 - Apr 27, 2022

Business value

Delivering personalized content is a top goal for marketers. Now, anyone can add the power of personalization to their content with a quick list of the most commonly used dynamic text. For example, adding "first name" from the list will personalize your message with the customer’s first name. Additionally, teams can create and share dynamic text that is unique to their business. This makes it quick and easy to add common personalization to your messages.

Feature details

With predefined dynamic text, marketers will have a quick list of the most commonly used tokens to select from. Marketers familiar with the data model can create and share additional tokens so that the rest of the team can focus on authoring content rather than learning database concepts.

  • Select and insert a token from a list of predefined tokens.
  • Update a token’s default value if needed.
  • Share created tokens with everyone.

Easily author personalized content with predefined dynamic text.

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