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Users, automatically Mar 1, 2022 Jul 7, 2022

Business value

The status of documents indicates whether they're open, waiting to be approved, have been invoiced for prepayment, or have been released to the next stage of processing. When you finish working on a batch of documents, you can release all or some of them to the next stage in the process or reopen them for further processing, all in one go.

Feature details

To make it easier to quickly identify documents that are open or released, especially when viewing a list of documents, the Open and Released statuses have different font colors.

Shows different styling of Status column (Open in green, Released in bold)

When you release or reopen multiple documents, a confirmation will show the number of documents that are selected and the number that remain unchanged.

Shows new dialog confirming selection of documents to be released.

Progress is shown during the process of releasing and reopening documents, and if there are errors, they are shown on the Errors Messages page.

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