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Business value

Partners can get insights into the usage of their features, including information about their uptake (how they've been discovered, set up, or used) and where users experience issues with their features.

Feature details

The Telemetry codeunit allows developers to send enriched telemetry. Contextual information about the state of the system (common custom dimensions) can be added to every message emitted through this codeunit.

The Feature Telemetry codeunit makes it easier to monitor the health and uptake of application features. It is built on top of the Telemetry codeunit. Therefore it sends telemetry that's enriched with common custom dimensions.

Using simple calls in Feature Telemetry, partners can emit telemetry to gain insights about:

  • Feature uptake - to track how many customers or users have discovered, setup, or tried to use the feature.
  • Feature usage - to track how many customers or users are actively using your feature.
  • Feature issues - to track how many customers or users experience issues with your feature.

More information about feature telemetry, sample code, and sample PowerBI reports can be found on our BCTech GitHub repository.

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