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Users, automatically Mar 9, 2022 Apr 1, 2022

Business value

With a growing and diverse workforce relying on the Business Central web client to perform critical business tasks, we continually invest in improving productivity and usability based on customer feedback and user research.

Feature details

2022 release wave 1 includes the following improvements to the web client.


  • When you navigate to related entities using the Peek feature for entities where the card or document page is not present, the Peek feature offers a new Open full list option so that you can go to the relevant list.
  • When a FastTab expands, the page scrolls up so the next FastTab caption is visible.

Data entry

  • Improved behavior of lookups on fields with table relations, such as the Description field on sales documents. The new behavior creates a distinction between fields that are simply a lookup to a related table and fields that allow free text with the assistance of a dropdown menu to choose from a predefined value.
  • When a message dialog interrupts typing into the next field, the characters you entered are no longer discarded.
  • The web client preserves a few empty lines at the end of an editable list so that filling out data vertically across rows never runs out of space.

General look and feel

2022 release wave 1 includes minor visual updates, such as a refreshed loading screen and updated iconography for specific system actions.

Fluent icons displayed for system action images.

Decimal Separator

As announced in 2021 release wave 2, customers upgrading to update 20.0 now benefit from improved predictability when using the decimal separator key on the numeric keypad. Business Central relies on the region setting in My Settings to determine the default output character for this key. For example, when the region is set to Italy, the key now outputs a comma (,) character that matches how decimal values are displayed.

For added efficiency, version 20.0 also introduces a keyboard shortcut, Alt + Decimal Separator, to help users toggle between their default character and a period (.) character. This simple but powerful toggle allows users to quickly transform their numeric keypad into an efficient tool for entering codes that are separated by periods, ranges such as 01/01/2022..04/01/2022, or anything using a period as standard notation.

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