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Business value

Application areas represent a feature in the system that offers developers, administrators, and users the ability to define differentiated user experiences. They are mapped to controls to show or hide them on page objects to enable more or fewer business scenarios. Page controls or actions without application area are not displayed in cloud experiences. Usually, however, the individual page controls would have the same ApplicationArea as the parent page, so having to set this individually on each page control leads to redundant work as well as forgetting to set it, which means that the control is not showing up.

Feature details

When targeting runtime version 10.0 (that is, 2022 release wave 2) or higher:

  • Page controls without the ApplicationArea property explicitly set now inherit the ApplicationArea defined on the parent page (or report if request page).
  • Rules AS0062 and PTE0008 have been updated to allow not specifying an explicit ApplicationArea on the page control, as long as it is set on the parent object level, thereby providing a default.
  • ApplicationArea can now be used without UsageCategory on pages to provide a default fallback for controls, without forcing search visibility.
  • No impact on search; UsageCategory and ApplicationArea are still both required.
  • No impact on page (or report) extensions; values must still be set explicitly there.

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