PerTenantExtensionCop Analyzer Rules

PerTenantExtensionCop is an analyzer that enforces rules that must be respected by extensions meant to be installed for individual tenants.


Id Title Category Default Severity
PTE0001 Object ID must be in free range. Extensibility Error
PTE0002 Field ID must be in free range. Extensibility Error
PTE0003 Procedures must not subscribe to CompanyOpen events Extensibility Error
PTE0004 Table definitions must have a matching permission set. Configuration Error
PTE0005 The compilation target of an application must be a value that is allowed in a multi-tenant SaaS environment Extensibility Error
PTE0006 Encryption key functions must not be invoked. Extensibility Error
PTE0007 Test assertion functions are not allowed in a non-test context. Extensibility Error
PTE0008 Page controls and actions must use the ApplicationArea property Extensibility Error
PTE0009 This app.json property must not be used for per-tenant extensions. Extensibility Error
PTE0010 The extension name is too long. Extensibility Error
PTE0011 The publisher name is too long. Extensibility Error
PTE0012 InternalsVisibleTo should not be used as a security feature. Extensibility Warning
PTE0013 Entitlements cannot be defined in an extension. Configuration Error
PTE0014 Permission Sets should not be defined in XML files. Configuration Warning
PTE0015 The extension name is not valid. Extensibility Error

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