AboutText Property

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 10.0.

Sets the body of text that appears in a teaching tip in the UI.

Applies to

  • Page Custom Action
  • Page File Upload Action
  • Query
  • Page
  • Page Action
  • Page Action Group
  • Page Field
  • Page Part
  • Page Group
  • Request Page

Property Value

Accepts a text value and supports a rich text value such as **bold** and *italic*.


  • When setting this property, you must also set the AboutTitle property. Both About properties must be specified for the teaching tip to appear.

  • The property is ignored at runtime if the current client isn't the Web client.

  • When setting this property on page objects:

    • The page teaching tip isn't displayed if the page has PageType set to RoleCenter, NavigatePage, ConfirmationDialog, StandardDialog, or HeadlinePart.

      Enable UICop rule AW0012 to prevent this at compile-time.

    • The page teaching tip isn't displayed automatically if the page is run in lookup mode, but it can still be reached from the page caption. Examples include pages run as an advanced lookup, and pages run with LookupMode set to true.

  • When setting this property on page controls:

    • The control teaching tip isn't shown if the control has a Visible property that evaluates to false.
    • The control teaching tip is displayed for field controls only if they represent repeater fields or fields in the content area of the page. It isn't displayed for other uses of field controls, such as cues.
    • The control teaching tip is displayed for actions and action groups on the primary page and sub forms. It isn't displayed for other uses of actions, such as actions displayed in context menus, action tiles, actions displayed in the footer of a NavigatePage, RoleCenter navigation menus, or actions displayed in the menu for a record in a list.
    • If the page object is a part that is embedded on the hosting page or in a FactBox, the control teaching tip becomes part of the tour on the hosting page. If the part is hosted on a Role Center, then the teaching tip isn't displayed.

For more information about designing teaching tips and tours, see Teaching tips and in-app tours for onboarding users.


AboutText = 'Sales invoices appear in this list until they are finalized and posted. After an invoice is posted, find it again in the Posted Sales Invoices list.';
AboutText = '**Sales Orders** can be sorted *Ascending* or *Descending*. Use the **Filter** function to enter a specific value set.';

Extending page objects

Page Extension objects and Page Customization objects can modify teaching tips defined by the source object:

  • To add a teaching tip to a page or control that doesn't currently have a teaching tip, set the AboutText and AboutTitle properties.
  • To change the AboutText for a page or control that already has a teaching tip defined in the source object, set the AboutText property.
  • To hide a teaching tip for a page or control in the source object, set the About properties to an empty string.

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