RequestFilterHeadingML Property

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

Sets the string used as a RequestFilterHeading Property for a request page tab.

Applies to

  • Xml Port Table Element
  • Report Data Item


To submit an app to AppSource, you must use .xliff translation files. For more information, see Working with Translation Files.


RequestFilterHeadingML = DAN='Kundeliste'; // Customer list


RequestFilterHeadingML is multilanguage-enabled. This means that it can contain a list of text in different languages. The text that is used will be selected according to the current language setting of the user. The RequestFilterHeadingML property has the following format.

<Language ID>=<ReqFilterHeading>

<Language ID> is a Windows standard three-letter language ID and <ReqFilterHeading> is the caption text for this language. Semicolons separate entries.

You can enter values for the RequestFilterHeadingML property in the following ways:

  • If you enter a RequestFilterHeadingML, this value will be inserted in RequestFilterHeadingML as the value for the language that is currently selected. If the language is set to Danish when a value is entered in RequestFilterHeadingML, RequestFilterHeadingML will be updated with a DAN=<value> string. You have to use the abbreviated name (DAN for Danish, for example) of the languages.

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