Export segments to LiveRamp® (preview)

Activate your data in LiveRamp to connect with over 500 platforms across digital, social, and TVs. Work with your data in LiveRamp to target, suppress, and personalize ad campaigns.


Known limitations

  • The LiveRamp export is using an SFTP export. SFTP destinations behind firewalls are currently not supported.
  • If you use an SSH key for authentication, make sure you create your private key as PEM or SSH.COM format. If you are using Putty, convert your private key by exporting is as Open SSH. The following private key formats are supported:
    • RSA in OpenSSL PEM and ssh.com format
    • DSA in OpenSSL PEM and ssh.com format
    • ECDSA 256/384/521 in OpenSSL PEM format
    • ED25519 and RSA in OpenSSH key format
  • The runtime of an export depends on your system performance. We recommend two CPU cores and 1 Gb of memory as minimal configuration of your server.
  • Exporting tables with up to 100 million customer profiles can take 90 minutes when using the recommended minimal configuration of two CPU cores and 1 Gb of memory.
  • The actual number of profiles (or data) you can export to LiveRamp depends on your subscription with LiveRamp.

Set up connection to LiveRamp

You must be an administrator in Customer Insights to add a connection.

  1. Go to Settings > Connections.

  2. Select Add connection and choose LiveRamp.

  3. Give your connection a recognizable name in the Display name field. The name and the type of the connection describe this connection. We recommend choosing a name that explains the purpose and target of the connection.

  4. Choose who can use this connection. By default, it's only administrators. For more information, see Allow contributors to use a connection for exports.

  5. Choose whether you want to authenticate through SSH or username/password for your connection and provide the necessary details.

  6. After successful verification, review the data privacy and compliance and select I agree.

  7. Select Save to complete the connection.

Configure an export

To configure this export, you must have permission for this connection type.

  1. Go to Data > Exports.

  2. Select Add export.

  3. In the Connection for export field, choose a connection from the LiveRamp section. Contact an administrator if no connection is available.

  4. Enter a name for the export.

  5. In the Connect data field, select Email, Name and address, or Phone to send to LiveRamp for identity resolution.

    LiveRamp connector with attribute mapping.

  6. Map the corresponding attributes from your Customer table for the selected key identifier.

  7. Select Add attribute to map more attributes to send to LiveRamp.


    Sending more key identifier attributes to LiveRamp is likely to get you a higher match rate.

  8. Select the segments you want to export.

  9. Select Save.

Saving an export doesn't run the export immediately. The export runs with every scheduled refresh. You can also export data on demand.